Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Bridging The Knowledge Gap

Craft successful college applications with hands-on guidance from counselors and mentors at top universities across the globe.

Bridging The Knowledge Gap
Srishti Khetan and Shreshta Khetan, Co-founders,

Up until the last decade studying abroad was barely a concept, exclusive only to the blue-blooded, those who could afford the hefty price tag. Howbeit, as we’re bordering on a utopian world with Gen Z trying to settle the score, we’ve beheld a crisp spike with masses of students aspiring to study abroad.

Kindred goes the tale of Mr. Shreshta Khetan and Mrs. Srishti Mittal Khetan, Founders of, the second-generation entrepreneurs with education imbued in the family legacy; once zealous teenagers with eyes longing to venture into something beyond the clichéd are now strong professionals and New York University graduates on a mission to transmogrify the study abroad scenario in India. They both have suffered through their application processes when applying to universities abroad and have been troubled by the lack of interest, commitment, and knowledge of traditional counseling services. They strive to make a difference by not repeating what was done to them. They firmly believe that no one has the right to play with a student’s future.

Started out of passion and a strong desire to help students, their sidekick UniRely debuted in September 2015, pitching in the concept of expert student mentors, which became an instant sensation among study abroad aspirants. So, to keep up with the rising demands; eventually, in 2018, after graduating from NYU, they decided to take UniRely for a stroll and got their venture officially registered in India.

Shreshta Khetan, presenting at a startup competition in Delhi
Shreshta Khetan, presenting at a startup competition in Delhi.

With offices in prime locations in India, UniRely offers study abroad guidance services for major countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland.

The Founding team

Shreshta Khetan is the engineer and designer for the entire platform. In addition to running the company and setting overall strategy, he can often be found engaging directly with clients to develop customer-first strategic thinking that is behind the company’s success. Shreshta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from New York University. He attended The Doon School, where he was actively involved in music and sports. Business drives him; he also currently serves as a Tech. Director at Neccon Power and Infra Ltd. and is also setting up a food manufacturing unit under the name Northern Solvents (P) Ltd.

Srishti Khetan is responsible for ensuring that both the quality of the platform and the onboarding of the mentors are of the highest standard. Srishti has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from New York University, after completing her schooling from Welham Girls’ School. She is passionate about helping students acquire the competencies necessary to reach their higher education goals. She is often found writing to students and answering their queries on Quora and sharing her insights on education on LinkedIn and via the UniRely Blog.

UniRely’s Mentors at Top Universities
UniRely’s Mentors at Top Universities

Vishesh Khetan is the Vice President at UniRely. Since UniRely’s inception, Vishesh has been responsible for driving the marketing strategies of the organization. He has a better experience and knowledge within the advertising industry, with a passion for customer relationship management. He attended The Doon School and is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis. He also serves as a Director at Northern Solvents (P) Ltd.

UniRely has bagged several recognitions throughout its journey. The founding members participated in several startup events and competitions including U.Pitch, NYU $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, and Global Edtech Startups Awards Competition 2018, which helped them drive the business idea in the right direction. Recently, the Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industries (FORTI) Youth Icon Award has been bestowed upon Shreshta Khetan by Sh. Narayan Rane, Union Minister of MSME. Besides, UniRely regularly sponsors several school-led events at renowned schools including Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, Jayshree Periwal International School, and Mayo College Girls’ School, to name a few.

With a one-of-its-kind 100% online study abroad guidance service, UniRely guides and supports students no matter where they live. Right from selecting the right college to filling out college applications, writing essays, and everything in between, the team of counselors and mentors helps students keep track of everything. To date, UniRely has worked with over 3000 high-achieving mentors from Ivy League, and other top-ranking universities including MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, University of  California, Stanford, and more.

Vishesh Khetan, Vice President UniRely
Vishesh Khetan, Vice President UniRely offers a plethora of free resources to aid the students in their application process to universities across the globe. The UniRely platform has a lot of amazing features that will add value to the student’s application. One such feature is the AI-based Uni List Calculator that asks the students for a few details and then generates a tentative university list based on their answers. It’s the most widely used feature, with over 500 uni lists generated each day.

So far, UniRely has helped over 1,000 students get into their dream universities; one just can’t go wrong with them. More than 97% of their students got accepted with scholarships to at least two of their top choice universities. One of the students, Goutham Veeramachaneni, who bagged a scholarship of US$60,000 per year from an Ivy League, Dartmouth College, says, “My experience with has been wonderful so far. And if you plan on studying abroad, I strongly recommend that you go with them!”

For any international student, studying abroad is not an easy thing to pull off! It comes with its own sets of roadblocks, unpredictable contingencies, and some last-minute changes of plans. Everything hinges on how sensibly and cleverly one elucidates their instincts to identify and seek expert assistance from a study abroad consultant at the right time.

UniRely possesses the expertise, and the founding team, Shreshta Khetan, Srishti Khetan, and Vishesh Khetan, themselves have studied abroad, so they’re able to relate to every query one may have. Perhaps, you could leverage some of their expert assistance and make it to your dream university!