Thursday, May 26, 2022
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AKUMS : Largest Contract Manufacturing Company Of India

Riding on innovative healthcare products with Top Notch Quality Assurance, this Indian company is redefining the concept of contract manufacturing.

AKUMS : Largest Contract Manufacturing Company Of India

Akums since its inception has sourced its inspiration in the desire to serve humanity for longer, healthier and happier lives. Standing testimony to its contributions to the society at large is its story of consistent growth. It has the distinction of adding new manufacturing plants to its ambit, every year.

Consequently, the company commands an excess of more than 12% of the manufacturing market share in India for medicines. Additionally, all the products manufactured by Akums come with an assurance of safety, with the company honoring all the regulatory compliances.

It manufactures over 4000 types & varieties of medicines, OTC and allied products for a client base that surpasses the figure of 1100. Over a decade of manufacturing experience, Akums has constantly set benchmarks with its quality products. Almost every pharmacy in India holds the inventory of its manufactured outputs.


With more than 12% of the country’s total domestic consumption of medicines, Akums stands out as India’s largest Contract Research and Manufacturing (CRAMS) organization, inevitably Quality, Innovation and customer satisfaction are manufacturing merits at Akums.

The company was incorporated in April, 2004 with Sanjeev Jain as the Director of Business Development & Marketing and Sandeep Jain as the Director of Operations under the guidance of Mr. D.C Jain. The company commenced its journey with a single manufacturing unit dedicated to oral dosage forms in Haridwar. Today it has 10 dedicated state of the art production facilities equipped to produce all modern dosage forms such as Tablets, Hard gelatin capsules, Soft gelatin capsules, Powder in sachets, Injections, Eye/Ear drops, Lotions, Ayurvedic and Herbal preparations, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic & Dermatology to mention a few.

Successfully running the following plants –

  • Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Haridwar (5 Plants)
  • Maxcure Nutravedic Ltd, Haridwar
  • Pure & Cure Healthcare Ltd, Haridwar
  • Pure & Cure Healthcare Ltd, Guwahati
  • Malik Life Science Pvt Ltd, Haridwar
  • Akums Healthcare Ltd, Kotdwar

Wide Gamut of Services

As India’s largest finished formulation manufacturer, the company conducting its operations exhibits utmost responsibility by ensuring that every dosage unit that leaves its site meets the requirements of the most stringent quality standards. Akums offers a comprehensive range of services, ranging from formulation development to market launch.


Apart from offering traditional contract manufacturing services, Akums also proactively works on the latest advances in the industry. With the highest number of DCGI & FSSAI permissions in the country, it has an edge over its competitors when it comes to developing the therapies not previously known in the country.

AKUMS has:

  • 850+ DCGI approvals
  • 520+ FSSAI approvals
  • 04 Patent granted
  • 79 applied patents

Akums Lifesciences Ltd.

Akums group has tapped backward integration possibilities by acquiring and setting up API manufacturing plants in India. These centers are also being utilized for contract research & custom synthesis of various chemical segments, including OEB5 level HPAPI. Currently, the company is manufacturing Oral and Sterile Cephalosporin’s API and other general category APIs. It also has dedicated facilities for Sterile & Lyophilized Anti-cancer drugs. Company’s CGMP compliant facilities function with the approval of National & International regulatory authorities.


Philanthropic Wing

The havoc wreaked by the COVID19 pandemic compelled individuals to practice physical distancing. But it also contributed in transcending of various boundaries by bringing people together in spirit. Faced with this unexpected onslaught, everyone was called on to put up a united fight. Being a manufacturer of medical supplies, Akums came under the category of essential commodities & services. The gravity of the hour demanded the company to run its manufacturing units non-stop with staff strength of 25% - 30% to ensure that the country was served with the best available resources.

Medicines were provided at an extremely nominal rate with approximately 30-90% slashed off even for the branded medicines. With the demand for lifesaving medicines for COVID being high, Akums made sure that medicine requirements were met in the market.

Global Imprint

Akums enjoys a commanding presence in the Indian & global pharmaceutical space. With its export subsidiary UNOSOURCE PHARMA LTD, Akums has built a considerable global imprint, exporting to more than 53 emerging markets spread across South East Asia, Africa, LATAM. It has already filed 1500 product dossiers while adhering to the CTD, ACTD and the guidelines of the MOH of various countries. Plans for joint ventures in multiple countries are in pipeline.

Service at the heart of the business

As the country’s largest finished drug manufacturer, Akums has made a significant contribution to the health and well-being of millions of individuals. It directs its endeavors towards manufacturing quality formulations & “Ensuring Longer, Healthier and Happier lives for all.”