Liquor Shops (representative image)
Liquor Shops (representative image)

What Is Cow Cess And How Will It Affect Liquor Prices In Haryana’s New Excise Policy?

Haryana Excise Policy: The introduction of Rs 5 as the ‘cow cess’ per liquor bottle, has made Haryana a part of the list of states aiding collection of funds through this cess

Amid brewing trouble in the Delhi liquor policy case, the Haryana cabinet’s approval of the new excise policy has surprised many. More so, the introduction of Rs 5 as the ‘cow cess’ per liquor bottle, has made Haryana a part of the list of states aiding collection of funds through this cess. 

Naturally, Haryana’s new excise policy will not just make liquor expensive in Gurugram (former Gurgaon), the state’s hub of L1’s and liquor shops, but also in other places. However, it is the imposition of the above-mentioned Rs 5 per liquor bottle, making many wonder what exactly is this cow cess that may make liquor expensive in nearby stores of the state. Let’s take a look. 

What Is Cow Cess In Haryana’s New Excise Policy? 

Under Haryana’s new excise policy, buyers will be charged Rs 5 cow cess per liquor bottle in order to generate funds for the welfare of cows in the state. As per media reports, stakeholders have suggested that the revenue generated from ‘cow cess’ will be utilised for environment protection and animal welfare. Additionally, this revenue from ‘cow cess’ will also reportedly be used for several infrastructure projects for the welfare of cows. 

As per the Haryana’s new excise policy, a retail permit fee will be imposed on liquor sale and this fee will be collected by liquor vendors through the sale of bottles. Like many other states, the revenue from ‘cow cess’ is expected to be whopping as Haryana still prides itself in offering relatively cheaper liquor rates per bottle. 

Will Liquor Get Expensive In Haryana?

The answer is yes! Due to the new excise policy of the state, as approved in the cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, liquor prices are reportedly expected to increase by 10-15 per cent in Gurugram and other cities in Haryana. 

Since the excise duty has been increased and this cow cess has been imposed, both imported foreign liquor (IFL) and India made foreign liquor (IMFL) will get expensive from June 12. 

However, as per experts and officials, the price of liquor is still expected to be less in Haryana as compared to Delhi. This is primarily because Haryana no longer has maximum retail price on liquor. It only has a ‘minimum’ retail price. This means that liquor stores in Haryana can sell at any price, above the minimum price, and still offer discounts and schemes to customers, which is not possible in liquor stores in Delhi at the moment. 

It must be noted that the revised prices of alcohol will only be known after the new excise policy comes into effect. 

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