India's Journey To Lead Global Transitions Will Shape The Future, Says N Chandrasekaran

At B20 Summit, N Chandrasekaran said that India is ready to lead important global transitions and its journey will shape the world's future
N Chandrasekaran
N Chandrasekaran

B20 India Chair N Chandrasekaran assured that India is well positioned to lead the three important fundamental global transitions of digital and artificial intelligence, energy and global value chains, while speaking during the inaugural address at the B20 Summit India 2023 on Friday.

Chandrasekaran, who is also the chairman of Tata Sons, said that India stands as a beacon of growth with the country on track to achieve 7% average growth over the next decade, and its journey will shape the world’s future, according to report by The Economic Times.“As the fifth largest economy in the world, on the way to becoming home to the largest talent reservoir, India is set to contribute greatly to inclusive global development,” he said.

To back his claim, he said that India stands out positively in the global economy with resilient growth. The nation performs well in the tightest rate cycle seen in decades, he added.

The chairman then stressed upon India’s achievement in creating a good digital infrastructure over the last decade. “I don't think we any of us carry cash. Not a day goes without looking for multiple OTPs and that's the kind of success we have had,” he said.

On the issue of energy transition, he said it is very natural for the country to make and lead this transition. “Most of the energy we need over the next three decades, that's almost two-thirds or three-fourths of the energy we need, we will have to create. So, India will be creating the new energy for growth and will not be substituting the old energy,” he said.

He also touched upon the importance of trans-formative government initiatives such as the public digital infrastructure, the PM Gati Shakti, the PLI incentive schemes, the Startup India initiative, reduction in corporate taxes and many such measures that are helping India sustain the fantastic economic momentum among the G20 countries.

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