Web3 Infrastructure Provider Zeeve Launches ‘Traceye’ Data Indexing Tool

Supporting various blockchain protocols, app chains, and rollups, Traceye aids developers in efficient management by indexing and decoding raw blockchain data.
Web3 Infrastructure Provider Zeeve Launches ‘Traceye’ Data Indexing Tool

Blockchain Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform Zeeve has launched a new tool ‘Traceye’, for easy, seamless, and cost-effective indexing of blockchain ledger and smart contract data. By supporting numerous blockchain protocols, app chains, and rollups with shared and dedicated indexer nodes, it can help developers and businesses spend less time managing self-hosted infrastructure while directly indexing and decoding raw blockchain data

Traceye accomplishes this task by leveraging open-source data indexing protocols like the Graph network and Subquery. It can cater to most major blockchain ecosystems like EVM, Substrate, and Cosmos SDK Chains through these offerings including appchains and rollups. All major public networks like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Gnosis, Fantom, Optimism, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and many more have default support on this tool.

Traceye’s features include ultrafast indexing, allowing for backfill data at 5X speed, significantly reducing processing time. Data lag is minimized by over 50%, ensuring real-time access to critical information.

With zero maintenance requirements, users can focus on tasks without concerns about node upkeep. High availability is guaranteed, boasting an impressive uptime of 99.99%, ensuring uninterrupted service. Furthermore, chain reorganization is seamlessly and automatically synchronized.

Additionally, Traceye provides value-added features to further optimize performance and user experience. It also provides flexible offerings for dynamic business requirements. These offerings include Shared Indexers for economical and quick deployment or migration of subgraphs, Dedicated Graph Node for exclusive control and scalability of subgraph projects,and Subgraph Consulting offering customised Subgraphs for businesses’ specific dApp needs.

Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, said, “With Traceye, users need not worry about any data inconsistency or maintenance of their indexer nodes. Developers building across any DeFi applications, metaverse or gaming Dapp, or on-chain data platforms where ledger/smart contract data is essential can use our managed infrastructure nodes without writing complex code for data retrieval and filtering. This allows projects to ship their dApp in days instead of weeks, leveraging custom GraphQL APIs. We’re certain Traceye will provide users with an easy, predictable, and smooth experience for all their blockchain data needs.”

A blockchain infrastructure- and Rollups-as-a-Service (Raas) provider, Zeeve provides the managed infrastructure for application-specific Optimistic and ZK Rollups. With over 27,000 platform users, 40 large enterprises, and 6000 nodes, it is the preferred blockchain infrastructure provider for all the popular blockchain protocols.

In June 2022, it raised $2.65 million in a funding round from Leo Capital and Blu Ventures. The company aimed to utilise the funds to bolster product development, augment the technology team and enhance its reach among DApp developers and global corporations.

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