User Claims $11M in Blur Token Rewards at NFT Marketplace’s Season 2 Airdrop

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NFT Marketplace, 
Cryprocurrency, Crypto tokens
NFT Marketplace, Cryprocurrency, Crypto tokens

NFT marketplace Blur allocated a total reward pool of 300 million tokens, worth around $146 million, for traders who use their platform.

In the latest airdrop reward distribution conducted by the NFT marketplace Blur, a pseudonymous nonfungible token (NFT) trader made over $11 million.

According to Dune analytics data, a wallet with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) tag "hanwe.eth" claimed a total of 22 million Blur (BLUR) tokens in the Blur season two airdrop. Coin price tracker CoinGecko estimated the sum to be worth roughly $11.2 million at the time of writing.

Blur's end-of-season airdrop is one of the techniques it uses to entice traders to use its platform. At the end of each season, Blur pays those that traded NFTs on the site.

The incentives are determined by the activities of users on the NFT trading platform. Blur allocated a total prize pool of 300 million tokens worth $146 million at current BLUR prices in the most recent airdrop.

Raiffeisen landesbank to launch Bitcoin trading in early 2024

Raiffeisen Bank’s RLB NÖ-Wien is preparing to introduce cryptocurrency trading services to its retail clients in early 2024.

In the coming months, the Austrian division of European lender Raiffeisen Bank plans to allow its clients to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Raiffeisen Bank's Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien (RLB N-Wien) is moving forward with a crypto rollout in conjunction with the Austrian crypto startup Bitpanda, after initially revealing its plans in April 2023.

RLB NÖ-Wien aims to launch crypto trading services in Vienna in the first quarter of 2024, according to a spokeswoman for the bank.

“Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien has signed a cooperation agreement with Bitpanda. Via this cooperation, we plan to offer an attractive digital investment platform early in 2024,” the representative stated, adding:

“We have seen the demand from customers for easy, intuitive, digital investment platforms. Our main intention to take customer-centric decisions has triggered these efforts, which we are excited about bringing to market.”

HTX to restore services ‘within 24 hours’ after $30M hack

”Huobi HTX has now properly handled this attack,” the crypto exchange stated.

After a $30 million attack on Nov. 22, cryptocurrency exchange HTX, formerly known as Huobi Global, stated it will restart deposits and withdrawals within 24 hours. The worth of the exploit was reported to be $13.6 million at the time of the incident, but it has since increased in value.

The exchange vowed in its release that it would "fully compensate for the losses caused by this attack and 100% guarantee the safety of user funds." Furthermore, it said, "The amount of funds lost by Huobi HTX this time accounts for a very small amount of the platform's total funds," emphasising that the event had no effect on HTX's "normal operations."

The day before, HTX saw a $30 million hack to its exchange hot wallets, as well as a $86.6 million coordinated attack against the HTX Eco (HECO) Chain bridge, which included HTX, Tron, and BitTorrent. All of the aforementioned entities are linked or de facto owned by Justin Sun, a Chinese blockchain entrepreneu

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