Elon Musk's Grok AI Chatbot Sparks Curiosity; Traders Eye

Here are some developments in the crypto world over the past few days
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Elon Musk, AI Chatbot, Traders

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on November 6, 2023, launched Grok, a chatbot with a stellar AI team, contradicting his recent stance. Grok has real-time knowledge of the world and access to Twitter, promising diverse and immediate insights, Decrypt said in a report.

Access to the entire Twitter firehose of content makes Grok a potential game-changer. Grok will have a "real-time knowledge of the world," presenting what AI researchers call Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), processing news and diverse commentary about current events, the report said. By learning about events from various viewpoints and ingesting Twitter community notes—essentially annotations—Grok will benefit from a multifaceted worldview.

According to recent studies, people have already shifted their behaviour to look for news on social media first before turning to mainstream media. Grok's integration with Twitter could further expedite this process, offering users immediate comments, context, and—if executed well—on-the-spot fact-checking.

Elon Musk's vision of a fun-loving AI seems to have been brought to life with Grok's so-called "Fun Mode." This feature allows the LLM to craft jokes, deliver humorous yet factually accurate responses, and give users a whimsical and casual conversational experience.

One of the challenges with existing LLMs, like ChatGPT, is that some users feel they've been overly sanitized to ensure political correctness, potentially making interactions less organic and spontaneous. Additionally, some localized LLMs aren't adept at prolonged interactions. Grok, with its fun mode, promises to fill this gap, potentially serving as an engaging time-waster for those looking to unwind.

Meta Restricts Political Use of AI Ads

Meta, Facebook's parent company, bans political campaigns and advertisers from using generative AI tools in their ad creation, a company spokesperson said in a Reuters exclusive report. On November 6, Meta updated its help centre to reflect the decision.

In a note explaining how the tools work, the company said as it tests new generative AI ads creation tools in its Ads Manager, "advertisers running campaigns that qualify as ads for Housing, Employment or Credit or Social Issues, Elections, or Politics, or related to Health, Pharmaceuticals or Financial Services aren't currently permitted to use these Generative AI features," a coin telegraph report quoted.

Traders Eye Bitcoin as 'Digital Gold'

Bitcoin remains steady under $35,000 as traders look to it as a hedge against the challenging fiscal situation in the United States.

Some traders told CoinDesk that they expect bitcoin to play a vital role as "digital gold" – a likening as a hedge to traditional markets offerings, such as stocks – as a possible price catalyst.

"I think the general public's education about the seriously difficult fiscal situation facing the United States is growing, along with a rising appreciation of bitcoin's role as a hedge against this financial situation," shared Banxa CEO Richard Mico in an email, coin telegraph report quoted.

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