Binance France Executive Director Resigns, Ethereum DeFi Protocol Hope Lend Drained After Exploit

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Global Crypto Market
Global Crypto Market

Stéphanie Cabossioras has resigned as the executive director of Binance France. He is the 10th top official to depart Binance this year. Binance France resident David Prinçay announced Cabossioras' retirement on October 19, 2023 on X (previously Twitter). He also thanked her for her efforts at the crypto exchange.

Prinçay said, “We appreciate Stéphanie’s significant contribution to Binance France and wish her the best of luck on her next challenge.”

In April 2022, Cabossioras began working for Binance as head of legal at the company’s French branch. In November of the same year, she was elevated to executive director.

According to a Binance representative who spoke with Cointelegraph, the company’s operations in France are still expanding, and Cabossioras’ exit had “no impact on its operations”.

Cabossioras was the chief counsel at Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the group in charge of most financial regulations in the Canadian province of Quebec, prior to joining the cryptocurrency exchange.

Ethereum DeFi Protocol Hope Lend Drained After Exploit

Hope Lend, an Ethereum decentralised finance (DeFi) platform, has lost nearly all of its assets in a, crypto attack on October 18, 2023.

A frontrunner who outperformed the original hacker after learning about the weakness, and the original hacker themselves allegedly stole a total of 526 Ether from Hope Lend on October 18, which was valued at $825,357 at the time of publication, according to several Blockchain security firms.

According to CertiK, the successful attacker obtained 264 ETH and gave a 263 ETH bribe to an ETH validator.

The creator of the DeFi protocol,, offered an alternative account of events.

Developers said in a post on X (previously Twitter) that one hacker stole 526 ETH worth of user cash and paid 263.91 in bribes to a purportedly Lido Finance-managed validator, making 264.08 ETH in profit in the end.

“HopeCard, HopeSwap, and $HOPE are just a few of the additional goods and protocols that are now available on the platform. It is important to stress that all protocols released on are independent and will not affect them. We are dedicated to making sure that the rights of the impacted users are upheld and that the associated monies are kept safe,” they said in the post.

This Play-To-Earn Game Offers NFTs Linked To Gold

The days of wasting hundreds of hours on a game and receiving almost nothing in return are over, all thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain technology.

Underpinned by the explosion of NFTs, which continue to gain widespread acceptance, Blockchain gaming is growing stronger. Building on this momentum, the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project is enabling non-NFTs to be exchanged for a desired tangible good: a real golden egg.

The narrative of Golden Egg Wonderland begins with a painter named Turtlen who produced colourful paintings of birds and had a dreamed about one that could lay a golden egg. All of a sudden, one of his sketches was alive.

The FRUITS Wallet is a game where users can raise their own “Turtori” and create a collection that can crossbreed. The higher the rarity and status of “Turtori”, the higher the chance of laying golden egg NFTs. These NFTs can be redeemed for real-world equivalents. Each character is illustrated by Kamerian, an up-and-coming artist. To play, players need to set up a FRUITS Wallet and purchase FRTS Coins, which can be exchanged for blue diamonds to increase the chances of getting higher rarity birds. This comes as gold interest grows due to global inflation, affecting everyday consumer earnings.

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