Wipro Asks Israeli Employees To Work From Home Amid The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Wipro has said that it has account for all of its 80 employees in Israel

Wipro has stated that it has 80 Israeli employees who have all been accounted for. The company has advised its employees to work from home until further notice and is keeping a close eye on their safety.

The IT firm made these statements in response to queries from Mint.

The previous day, executives from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India's largest IT services company, had also confirmed that they were monitoring their employees' safety in Israel due to the current conflict with Hamas.

A TCS executive, who wished to remain anonymous, had said, "We have been in touch with the HR officials there. We are helping them with safety measures. There are some employees from India and their families."

Wipro has asked its employees in Israel to work from home until the situation improves and the local government has put safety measures in place. The company is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to activate business continuity plans if necessary.

Reports indicate that approximately 15,000-18,000 Indians, including students, are living in Israel. The IT companies are also tracking the safety of Indian employees who reside in other Middle Eastern countries, as the conflict may spread to other areas.

Air India has so far been able to evacuate all its staff, including flight and cabin crews, from Tel Aviv with the assistance of Ethiopian Airlines.

Reports suggest that all major airlines, including United Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Air France, Ryan Air, and Aegean, have rescheduled their flights, suspended operations, or reduced the number of direct flights due to the tension in the region.

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