Left to Right: Yash Dayal, Chief Technology Officer, Wakefit.co, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-Founder, Wakefit.co, Ankit Garg, Founder, Wakefit.co
Left to Right: Yash Dayal, Chief Technology Officer, Wakefit.co, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-Founder, Wakefit.co, Ankit Garg, Founder, Wakefit.co

Wakefit Launches AI-Enabled Sleep Solutions To Control Mattress Temperature, Track Sleep 

The D2C brand expects the Wakefit Zense series to account for 50 per cent of its overall sales in the next five years, and its next product in the series will address snoring and be released in three months. 

Sleep and home solutions (D2C start-up) Wakefit.co on Wednesday launched Regul8 and Track8, the first two products in the ‘Wakefit Zense’ series, an AI-enabled sleep solutions range. 

Regul8 will allow users to control mattress temperature manually and automatically. Users can manually adjust temperatures between 15 and 40 degrees Celsius or select from five automatic presets: neutral, cold, warm, ice, and fire. The controller will allow partners to set different temperatures on either side of the beds. The company claims the product to be 60 per cent more efficient than a 1.5-ton air conditioner. 

Meanwhile, Track8 allows users to track their sleep condition using a no-contact and non-wearable sheet that can be placed under the mattress to provide insights into the user's sleeping patterns. The sheet, with the help of powerful sensors, can track the sleep of both partners individually and provide reports on various sleep stages, respiratory rate, snoring, movement, and overall sleep quality. The mobile application will leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to give users customized recommendations and a personally curated sleep profile based on their sleeping patterns. 

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The company has started accepting pre-bookings for both products at Rs 499. While Regul8 carries an introductory price tag of Rs 44,999, Track8 is priced at Rs 10,499.

The launch marks a departure from the existing line of products in the sleep wellness industry, where most players are fighting it out by innovating on the mattress. With Wakefit Zense, the company is looking to bring solutions that can rely on AI and sleep demographic data of users to provide solutions that are agnostic of the mattress and can be plugged and played. 

There have been mattress temperature controller products in the past by other global players. However, the company claims that this is India’s first such product. 

The D2C startup is betting big on its AI-enabled sleep solutions series. “In the next five years, this (Wakefit Zense) should become our hero product. (We expect more than 50 per cent of the sales to come from this series in the next five years,” Wakefit.co chief executive and co-founder Ankit Garg told Outlook Business on the sidelines of the launch. 

The company has already lined up about 10 products in the series. “In the next three months, you should see another product in this series. We are promising internally to ourselves that every quarter we will release at least one life-changing product,” Garg said. 

He added that while all the products in the series will be working on improving sleep quality, the next one will be addressing the snoring issue. 

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