TikTok Refuses To Back Down, Says Will Contest 'Unconstitutional' Law Amid Ban Threat

TikTok is gearing up to contest a potential US ban after President Biden OKs a bill requiring its Chinese owner to sell

TikTok, the short video hosting platform witnessing a prospective ban in US, has reportedly stated that it will be contesting the 'unconstitutional law' passed by the Senate earlier this week.

President Biden has given the green light to the bill mandating ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok, to sell the platform within nine months or risk a US ban. As per a report by BBC, the move comes amidst worries that TikTok might share user data with the Chinese government, however, the company has time-to-time denied these allegations.

"We are confident and we will keep fighting for your rights in the courts," Shou Zi Chew, CEO, Tiktok stated.

"The facts, and the Constitution, are on our side... rest assured, we aren't going anywhere," he further added.

In a video clip, he criticized the bill and urged people to share how TikTok has made a positive impact on their lives. 

"The fact is, we have invested billions of dollars to keep U.S. data safe and our platform free from outside influence and manipulation," the company stated.

The decision was part of a group of four bills, which also addressed military support for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and other US allies in the Indo-Pacific region. It received strong support in the senate, with 79 Senators voting in favor and 18 opposing it.

"For years we've allowed the Chinese Communist party to control one of the most popular apps in America... that was dangerously short-sighted," Marco Rubio, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, said.

"A new law is going to require its Chinese owner to sell the app. This is a good move for America," he further added.

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