Ravi Jaipuria's Succession Plan: Son To Lead F&B, Daughter To Head Healthcare And Education

Ravi Jaipuria, the billionaire chairman of RJ Corp, has reportedly finalised his succession plan. His son will lead the F&B segment whereas his daughter will head the healthcare and education arm
5 Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Succession Plan
5 Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Succession Plan

Ravi Jaipuria, the billionaire business magnate and chairman of RJ corp, has finalised his succession plan for his $3 billion worth firm. His son will be leading the food and beverages business, while his daughter will take the reins of the healthcare and education sectors, as per a report by the Economic Times.

RJ Corp oversees Varun Beverages (VBL), which is PepsiCo's second-largest bottler worldwide outside the US, alongside Devyani International (DIL), which runs KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee outlets across India. Bpth of these companies, named after the founder's children Varun and Devyani, are listed on the bourses. The group is also present in the healthcare and education segments.

“Succession planning at RJ Corp has been established, including a road map for Varun and Devyani to take on strategic leadership roles,” Ravi Jaipuria told ET. 

The founder will retain the position of chairman at RJ Corp, overseeing the overall growth, policies, expansion, and diversification. “This framework is designed to ensure the company’s continuity and stability while infusing fresh perspectives into new leadership,” he said. The succession plan will enable his children to focus on broader strategic initiatives and long-term vision.

Varun will be taking charge of VBL and DIL. Meanwhile, his sister Devyani, aged 39, will oversee the healthcare arm, which comprises high-end maternity hospital chain Cocoon and stem cell banking. She will also be managing Delhi Public Schools (DPS) situated in Gurgaon and Jaipur, DPS International School in Gurgaon and Dharav High School in Jaipur.

“Central to our strategy is the role played by our professional team, which manages the daily operational aspects. This blend of professional management and strategic leadership is key to driving RJ Corp forward, ensuring agility and innovation remain at the core of our operations,” he added.

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