PwC India and Workiva Announce Partnership to Improve Governance, Risk, and Compliance

PwC India and Workiva Announce Partnership to Improve Governance, Risk, and Compliance - PwC India and Workiva have announced a partnership to help improve Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) for businesses in India.

PwC India and Workiva which is a leading cloud platform have announced that they will be working together as there is a growing need for accurate disclosures that are also transparent, as well as for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) in India. Both the companies firmly believe that enhancing customer experience is the top priority.

Through the collaboration of PwC India's extensive knowledge in reporting, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and Workiva's tailored solution, Indian businesses can bolster the trust of their stakeholders. This partnership ensures increased consistency, accuracy, and timeliness in managing various aspects like financials, ESG, audit, risk, controls, policy adherence, and local regulatory compliance.

Sivarama Krishnan, Partner & Leader - Risk Consulting, PwC India said, “A strong GRC strategy can be a strategic asset that drives business performance. By embedding management mechanisms that proactively identify, measure, prioritise and manage risk, leaders can gain valuable insights they need to make informed decisions. Workiva’s technology solutions will complement our full range of integrated control, compliance and certification capabilities across all sectors.”

These improvements are made possible by uniting people, processes, and data within Workiva's integrated SaaS platform. As a result, it reduces risks, enhances control, encourages collaboration, and provides teams with more time for valuable tasks.

While unveiling the partnership PwC Erik Saito, SVP & General Manager, EMEA & APAC of Workiva said, "Our strong partnership with PwC goes a long way. Our expanded alliance with PwC India brings great synergy into the India market as we help organisations navigate reporting challenges and implement best practices for an optimised and sustainable result. Technology can help financial reporting, ESG and GRC teams work together more efficiently to produce assured integrated reports on the timelines that stakeholders are demanding. Rather than choosing software that addresses only financial reporting, ESG or GRC, Workiva is a platform that all three teams can use. Through PwC India, we bring this integrated ecosystem to life."

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