Plotline Raises $2.6 Million From Venture Capital Firm Elevation Capital 

Plotline is a plug-and-play platform that empowers B2C product marketers to customise app experiences to each user’s behavior and preferences. 
Plotline Raises $2.6 Million From Venture Capital Firm Elevation Capital 

Plotline, a start-up enabling consumer app companies to customize their apps, has raised $2.6 million from venture capital firm Elevation Capital to improve user adoption and loyalty in the super app era. The company will use the fund to bolster key functions across R&D, marketing, and sales and expand in the US, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. 

Plotline was founded in 2022 by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari, who previously led the business and AI teams at HyperVerge, a leading identity-verification SaaS company. The pair initially set out to help product teams get real-time app feedback, but quickly found that many apps were being underutilised because the majority of users weren’t aware of all of the available functionalities in the first place. 

Shubham Jindal, co-founder of Plotline, said, “Through our work with customers over the past year, we have seen that influencing user behavior by making apps dynamic can be extremely beneficial for the company and end user. As apps transition from single-function tools to vertical super apps that offer multiple complementary services, they realised there was untapped potential in helping marketers and users unlock their apps' full value.” 

Plotline helps consumer brands make their apps dynamic based on individual user behavior, analyzing billions of data points to create a personalized experience that drives significant improvements in app usage, as per a company statement. 

Based in San Francisco and Bengaluru, Plotline’s no-code platform facilitates in-app user experimentation with inline widgets, improves activation, feature adoption, and retention with nudges, and drives deeper engagement with gamification components, says the company. 

As customer acquisition costs soar, consumer companies are rushing to find new ways to make their apps appealing by building super apps that offer multiple services. But with 50 per cent of the global population expected to be using super apps by 2050, the competition to win and engage users is intensifying.

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