OpenAI's New Feature To Offer Web-Sourced Answers with Citations, Says Report

OpenAI is working on a new feature for ChatGPT that will allow the model to incorporate web citations in its responses

Open AI is working on developing a new feature for ChatGPT that would allow the AI platform to browse the web and provide citations for its responses. This move might give Sam Altman's Open AI an edge over its competitors, such as Google and Perplexity.

According to sources cited in a report by Bloomberg, this feature would allow users to receive responses, that use information from the web, incorporated with sources like Wikipedia and blog posts.

As competition in the AI space continues to intensify, Open AI is clearly feeling the pressure to improve its major AI product. 

Perplexity AI, which is a US-based AI startup, has also gained significant traction for providing an AI-driven search engine that prioritizes precision and source citations. 

Meanwhile, Google is also aggressively pushing for AI-driven enhancements to its core search experience with upcoming announcements expected at its annual I/O event next week.

Last week, OpenAI also announced its partnership with Stack Overflow to improve the model's performance and bring in more technical information into the AI model. 

Prashanth Chandrasekar, the CEO of Stack Overflow, stated that their platform contains over 59 million verified questions and answers. And OpenAI will have access to the company's API tool to improve the AI model with quality content and feedback from expert users.

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