Ola Migrating IT Operations from AWS to Krutrim: Report 

Ola’s departure from the platform will reportedly incur a daily revenue loss of Rs 5-Rs 25 lakh for Azure.
Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal
Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Ola’s IT workload is being migrated from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This comes after the company’s recent departure from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, as per a report by the Economic Times. 

Azure is the cloud computing platform that has been developed by Microsoft. Ola’s departure from the platform will reportedly incur a daily revenue loss of Rs 5-Rs 25 lakh for Azure. 

Losing Ola would, however, be a needle in a haystack for the company. It is unlikely that Ola Krutrim's free cloud service offer will cause them to lose revenue, as per the report. 

A few days ago, Ola migrated from Microsoft Azure to its own AI cloud service, Krutrim Cloud. Ola Founder Bhavish Aggarwal has been trying to encourage people to join Krutrim.

Recently, he wrote on X that Krutrim is cheaper than cloud platforms in other western countries as it is paid in rupees. He wrote, “Developers in India are still paying for cloud computing in dollars." Most services on cloud platforms like Azure and AWS are priced in India, which is similar to western countries. No wonder the biggest cost for Indian startups is cloud costs. @Krutrim cloud will be lower and in ₹₹.” 

Ola shifted to Krutrim after LinkedIn, which is a subsidiary of Microsoft, deleted a post on pronoun illness by Aggarwal. After the incident, Aggarwal wrote on X, “On the other hand, the pronouns issue I wrote about is a woke political ideology of entitlement, which doesn’t belong in India. I wouldn’t have waded into this debate, but clearly LinkedIn has presumed Indians need to have pronouns in their lives and that we can’t criticize it.” 

Following this, Aggarwal highlighted that India should build its own tech platforms and not be governed by Western big tech monopolies. To encourage more people to join Krutrim, Ola has said that any other user who wants to leave Azure will be given one year of free cloud storage by Krutrim, provided the user doesn’t want to go back to Azure. 

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