Nokia Takes HP And Amazon To Court In India And Others Over Patent Violation

Nokia has filed lawsuits against HP and Amazon in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the European Unified Patent Court
Nokia Offices
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Nokia is suing Amazon and HP in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the European Unified Patent Court, alleging that the two businesses have violated multiple video streaming patents held by Nokia.

The Finnish telecommunications company claims that HP's (Hewlett-Packard) laptops and Amazon's Prime Video and Twitch streaming services violated its patents on streaming delivery, video compression, and other advancements.

The tech behemoths Amazon and HP, on the other hand, are said to have used Nokia's technology to enable more efficient, high-quality video streaming in place of declining to obtain licences to the patents.

“We've been in discussions with Amazon and HP, each, for a number of years, but sometimes litigation is the only way to respond to companies who choose not to play by the rules followed and respected by others," Nokia's Chief Licensing Officer Arvin Patel said in a statement on Nokia's website.

The company said that the cases involved Amazon's Prime Video service as well as devices that were in violation of Nokia's patents. The violations include "video compression, content delivery, content recommendation and aspects related to hardware," according to the post shared on Nokia's website.

Over 20,000 patents, including over 5,500 that have been deemed crucial to 5G, make up Nokia's patent portfolio, which is based on more than 140 billion euros ($152.70 billion) in research and development expenditures, according to the Finnish business.

The company earlier said it would cut up to 14,000 jobs as profits fell on weakening demand for its 5G equipment in North America.

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