Mother Dairy Launches Buffalo Milk In Delhi-NCR At Rs 70/Litre

Mother Dairy introduces buffalo milk in Delhi-NCR at Rs 70 per litre, targeting a Rs 500 crore brand milestone by next year. With a rich, creamy taste, this new milk variant offers high-fat content and A2 protein, catering to the growing consumer demand for premium milk products.

Mother Dairy, one of the leading suppliers of milk and milk products, on Tuesday announced the launch of buffalo milk variant in the Delhi-NCR market and is expecting to make this new segment Rs 500 crore brand by March next year.

Mother Dairy supplies 35-36 lakh litres of milk per day in Delhi-NCR and 45-47 lakh litres per day across India. In Delhi-NCR, it sells milk in pouches and milk booths.

In an interview with PTI on Tuesday, Mother Dairy Managing Director Manish Bandlish said, "We are launching buffalo milk at Rs 70 per litre. We are introducing this variant in Delhi-NCR."

Mother Dairy will be supplying 50,000-75,000 litres of buffalo milk per day in Delhi-NCR. The milk will be available in the market from this week.

"By March 2025, we aim to reach 2 lakh litres per day. We intend to make the buffalo variant a Rs 500 crore brand in one year. This segment is growing. There is a demand for high-fat milk," Bandlish said.

The Mother Dairy MD said the company would launch the buffalo milk variant in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra in a couple of months.

Mother Dairy buffalo milk offers 6.5 per cent fat content and 9 per cent SNF (Solid Not Fat), giving it a creamier texture and rich taste profile. Furthermore, the new variant will consist of A2 protein.

"With evolving consumer preference for rich and creamy milk, that is also versatile in terms of its usage beyond plain drinking, Mother Dairy is introducing yet another species-specific buffalo milk after the great success of cow milk," he said.

He said the company had launched cow milk 7-8 years ago and has now become a market leader. "Cow milk contributes 35-40 per cent to our total volumes".

Bandlish expressed confidence that the newly introduced variant will "quickly become a household favourite, contributing to the brand's specialty and expertise of providing species-specific milk variants."

Mother Dairy posted a turnover of around Rs 14,500 crore during the last financial year, of which Rs 11,500 crore came from the dairy business.

Mother Dairy was commissioned in 1974. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

It manufactures, markets and sells milk and milk products, including cultured products, ice creams, paneer, ghee, etc under the 'Mother Dairy' brand. It has nine company-owned milk processing plants.

The company also has a diversified portfolio with products in edible oils under the 'Dhara' brand and fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables & snacks, unpolished pulses, pulps & concentrates, etc under the 'Safal' brand.

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