Microsoft Roundtable Discusses The Future Of Safety In The Age Of AI

As the world increasingly moves towards artificial intelligence, Microsoft India hosted a roundtable discussion on the future of safety in the age of AI. The event was hosted by Irina Ghose, Managing Director, Microsoft India and featured guests who specialise in the field of cybersecurity.

Microsoft organises the 'Future of safety roundtable' under its cybersecurity awareness month. The event was hosted by Irina Ghose, Managing Director, Microsoft India she spoke to guests who specialise in the field of cybersecurity. Chandan Pani, Chief Information Security Officer, LTIMindtree, and Akshaya Patel, General Manager and CISO, NTPC were the guests for the conversation.

The conversation mainly revolved around how AI can be used by businesses to move around the constantly changing Cybersecurity space, The discussion also highlighted how AI is essential for creating flexible solutions to tackle new cybersecurity challenges, encourage creativity, and revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape.

Irina Ghose also cited that Microsoft is committed to building cybersecurity programs with the help of AI, she said "Security is one of the top two priorities for every organization and will be at the heart of driving innovation sustainably across every industry. At Microsoft, as we think about creating technologies that can change the world, embedding built-in security and responsible AI has been a core tenet for us for many years.”

Further adding to the conversation Chandan Pani, Chief Information Security Officer at LTI Mindtree, emphasized the significance of reviewing our viewpoint on the future of security during the discussion. He pointed out that these advances are expanding into currently untapped areas of daily life as a result of the quickening pace of AI development and the rising popularity of cloud computing. As a result, there are now questions concerning the general dependability of online systems.

The importance of building a strong culture revolving around cybersecurity and how organisations can benefit from it in the long run. The guests also highlighted that developing an effective approach to enhancing cybersecurity is one that places control in the hands of end users and equips them with AI and skilling.

In continuation of this Chandan Pani, Chief Information Security Officer, LTIMindtree said, “Considering rapid changes due to AI, and the widespread adoption of cloud, technology is coming to the personal domain. It is coming to the domains where it was not there earlier. Now, with all those changes, the overall trust in online systems is getting questioned.”

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