Meesho Delists 2 Lakh Products After Quality Check; To Reduce Visibility Of Low-Rated Items

Meesho intensifies quality control by delisting 200,000 products after stringent checks, aiming to enhance customer experience. The e-commerce platform is set to decrease visibility of low-rated items by 20% in six months.
Meesho Delists 2 Lakh Products After Quality Check; To Reduce Visibility Of Low-Rated Items

Softbank-backed Meesho on Tuesday said it has delisted nearly 2 lakh products from its e-commerce platform in the last quarter after quality check and plans to reduce visibility of low-rated items by 20 per cent within six months.

The company said that quality evaluation was conducted through a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews, ratings and feedback.

"Post evaluation, Meesho delisted nearly 2 lakh products in the last quarter alone. Meesho has further invested in the power of artificial intelligence to fortify quality checks while continuously working to improve key word databases and detection capabilities on the platform," the company said.

The company further said that it determines quality through customer reviews, ratings and feedback as well as through any reported issues or returns related to the product's condition, functionality, or overall satisfaction.

The e-commerce firm largely focuses on small sellers that mostly sell unbranded products on the platform.

"Over the past year, Meesho has seen a 35 per cent increase in the ratings received for delivered products. Products consistently rated below 3 (out of 5) are removed from the feed. In the past six months, there has been a 15 per cent decrease in the visibility for lower-rated products. Our goal is to further reduce it by 20 per cent within the next 6 months, ensuring ongoing enhancement in product quality and customer satisfaction," the statement said

If a seller's product consistently garners poor ratings and reviews, the product will be delisted from the platform to help maintain the quality standards expected by our customers, the statement said.

"By continuously investing in technology and enhancing quality checks, we have taken a significant step towards elevating the overall quality and customer experience on our platform. The project has yielded impressive results, with nearly 2 lakh products that don't meet the platform's quality standards deactivated in the past three months.

"We are consistently strengthening our quality checks, enabling us to combat fraudulent practices and foster trust with our customers," Meesho CXO for business Megha Agarwal said.

In August 2023, Meesho unveiled its 'Trust Assurance Report' under which it delisted nearly 42 lakh counterfeit and infringing product listings.

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