ITC Maratha Volunteers Do Beach Cleanup As Part Of 'Swachhata Shramdaan'

ITC Maratha undertook the initiative after idol immersion caused the beaches to get dirty in Mumbai
ITC Maratha's beach cleanup drive - Swachhata Shramdaan
ITC Maratha's beach cleanup drive - Swachhata Shramdaan

ITC Maratha undertook a beach cleanup and beautification drive called 'Swachhata Shramdaan', at the Dadar beach, Mumbai. The luxury hotel's staffers took part in the initiative after Mumbai's beaches have been left dirty after idol immersions during Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

Moreover, the volunteers also dustbins and spread awareness about the importance of collective responsibility to the hotel's guests.

Installations of Public Utility Dustbin

The ITC Maratha team installed multiple dustbins along Ashok Nagar Business Road in Mumbai. This particular road had a tendency to accumulate waste and debris, particularly due to people from nearby auto-stands throwing out single-use plastics and other trash. In addition to placing the dustbins, the team also took the initiative to clean up the surrounding garbage.

Beautification and Cleanliness Drive

ITC Maratha's team swept and cleaned the Milan Park in Mumbai. ITC Maratha also decided to plant 2 saplings in that park to help contribute to the green cover. The task was done primarily to reduce the pressure of Bombay Municipal Corporation's (BMC) officials.

Awareness Campaign

ITC Maratha staffers also made their gusts aware about the importance of cleaner and greener environment. During the activity, the hotel staff made sure to inform the guests about ITC Maratha's motto of 'Responsible Luxury'. The hotel staff demonstrated the concept of 'No Single Use Plastic' to the guests while they enjoyed the amenities at ITC Maratha.

At the Peshwa Pavilion, guests were welcomed with a glass of Sunya Aqua, which is the hotel's own bottled water that is completely free of plastic and stored in glass bottles. The staff explained the significance of Sunya Aqua and why it is crucial to avoid single-use plastic. As a parting gift, guests took home their favourite items in ECF boxes, which are Elemental Chlorine Free and completely recyclable without any plastic.

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