Infosys Enters Into Partnership With Smart Europe GmbH To Facilitate D2C Sales

Infosys enters into a partnership with Smart Europe GmbH to help with the company's Direct to Customer sales approach. Infosys will use its experience in the automotive industry to help Smart Europe GmbH sell electric automobiles across 15 European nations.

Infosys enters into a collaboration deal with automotive marquee Smart Europe GmbH. The collaboration is aimed towards making Direct to Customer of the automotive company seamless and more customer friendly.

Dirk Adelmann, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Europe GmbH, said, “We are pleased to have Infosys as our partner on this journey. Infosys’ strong leadership commitment backed by its ability to drive end-to-end application development and maintenance with efficiency and effectiveness, will help us boost our operational performance and user experience.”

Because of Infosys' extensive experience facilitating consolidation across automotive sales and e-commerce processes and systems, the premium EV manufacturer selected Infosys to help with this change.

Infosys will use its tried-and-true process, functional, and technical experience, along with a design thinking-led consulting approach, to help Smart Europe GmbH gain extraordinary value from software, data, and cloud investments.

Along with a D2C sales approach and secure interaction across lead generation, prospect conversion, sales, and aftersales channels, Infosys will also assist Smart Europe GmbH in effectively selling electric automobiles throughout 15 European nations. This assistance will be complemented by end-to-end ownership and responsibility.

Jasmeet Singh, EVP and Global Head of Manufacturing, Infosys, mentioned, "We are delighted to deliver our cutting-edge technologies to innovative companies like smart Europe GmbH to help ramp up their competitiveness in the European market. Infosys has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to powering innovation-driven customer experiences across touchpoints through our automotive and mobility offerings. Leveraging a blend of our expertise in the domain and strong regional presence, we will help Smart Europe GmbH fast-track the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions. The success of this engagement will be a real game changer for both Smart Europe GmbH and Infosys in the electric mobility era.”

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