Indri-Trini Secures Top Spot As Best 'New World' Whiskey By VinePair

Indri becomes ‘the only Indian brand’ to make it to the most coveted list of Best Whiskeys to Drink in 2024, by the USA based VinePair

Indri-Trini, the pioneering triple cask single malt from India's Piccadily Distilleries, has clinched the title of Best 'New World' Whiskey by VinePair, a renowned U.S.-based platform. This accolade adds to Indri's growing stature as one of India's premier single malt brands, both in domestic and international space. Following its launch in 2021, Indri-Trini has bagged over 14 international awards, fueling India's position in the realm of premium single malts.

VinePair conducts consumer-oriented tastings of hundreds of whiskeys globally annually to select standout bottles in each category. Their final rankings consider flavor, balance, depth, and complexity relative to their respective price points. At the start of each year, VinePair rolls out the World’s Best Whiskeys list, with Indri standing out as the sole Indian brand this year.

“The Indian whisky industry is emerging gloriously, and Indri is proud to be at the forefront of this shift. The surge in popularity of Indian single malts and Indri amongst consumers and critics around the world is evident in more ways than one," said Siddhartha Sharma, Founder, Piccadily Distilleries

Last year, the Indri Diwali Collector's Edition was acclaimed as the Best Whisky in the World at the Whiskies of the World Awards 2023.

"Being recognised as the sole Indian single malt whisky is humbling and strengthens our resolve to crafting high-quality whisky, which has become the consumers’ most preferred choice,” he further added.

Produced in a distillery in the village of Indri, Haryana, Indri-Trini emerges as India's first triple-cask single malt whisky. It spans availability across 19 states within India and is exported to 18 countries worldwide.

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