IndiGo To Use Fatigue Analysis Tool For Pilots

In an attempt to focus on the mental and physical well-being of pilots working for the airline, The company has deployed a new analysis tool which will track and monitor the fatigue levels of a pilot. The program will be rolled out in collaboration with Thales Group
Indigo Aircrafts
Indigo Aircrafts

The country's largest airline IndiGo will introduce a tool to detect fatigue among pilots using real time data and predictive analytics, amid rising concerns about fatigue issues among the cockpit crew.

IndiGo has partnered with the Thales Group as an early adopter of their fatigue analysis tool, whereby the airline will conduct a proof-of-concept trial for its technology-driven interface to assess pilot alertness levels over the next few months.

"This initiative is to develop a fatigue detection model that offers detailed insights into demographic data, including routes, pairings, crew profiles, and more, going beyond traditional scheduling-focused bio-mathematical models.

"The programme will use real-time data, historical information, and predictive analytics, with all data collected being de-identified," the carrier said in a statement on Wednesday.

The issue of fatigue among pilots is in focus following the death of an IndiGo pilot recently. The pilot collapsed and died at the boarding gate at Nagpur airport last week as he was preparing to operate a flight from that city to Pune.

"We remain committed to our pilots' well-being, ensuring their health and mental well-being, ultimately enhancing passenger safety," the airline said in the statement on Wednesday.

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