Google Steps Up AI Game With 'Gemma' Model Launch

Google has teamed up with NVIDIA to develop its AI model, Gemma. NVIDIA plans to integrate Gemma with chatbot software for Windows PCs.

Google surely doesn't want to get left behind in the AI race. Just days after Sam Altman's OpenAI introduced its text-to-art model Sora, Google launched its own free, open AI model, 'Gemma', on Wednesday.

Unlike other open AI models, Gemma offers versatility, enabling individuals and businesses to craft various AI models tailored to their needs. The tech company stated that its new family of 'open models,' including Gemma, will allow developers to build AI software of their own.

"Gemma is built for the open community of developers and researchers powering AI innovation. You can start working with Gemma today using free access in Kaggle, a free tier for Colab notebooks, and $300 in credits for first-time Google Cloud users," the Alphabet subsidiary stated in a site blog.

The advanced open model is constructed using the same research and technology employed in the development of the Gemini model. Gemma is developed by Google DeepMind and various other teams within Google. The name of the model draws inspiration from Gemini, derived from the Latin word 'gemma,' signifying a 'precious stone.'

"Accompanying our model weights, we’re also releasing tools to support developer innovation, foster collaboration, and guide responsible use of Gemma models," the blog further stated.

The tech giant has partnered with NVIDIA to make this AI model. The leading chipmaker has also revealed its upcoming plans to enable chatbot software, currently in development for running AI models on Windows PCs, to seamlessly integrate with Gemma.

Google said, "We’ve partnered with NVIDIA to optimize Gemma for NVIDIA GPUs, from data center to the cloud to local RTX AI PCs, ensuring industry-leading performance and integration with cutting-edge technology,"

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