Gemini AI: Is The New AI Model The Achilles Heel In Sundar Pichai's Google Empire?

Google temporarily suspended Gemini's text-to-image feature following criticism on social media regarding biased images
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai has been dominating headlines, but not for anything good. The bigwig of the tech world is taking heat for Gemini, once hailed as Google's shining star. But it's facing a ton of criticism, from biases in character portrayal to straight-up wrong historical facts. Clearly, Google's AI tool is not having the 'eureka' moment like Altman's.

What could have become the tech giant's crown jewel seems to have now turned into the Achilles heel. While discussions around AI adoption have been ongoing lately, what's really heating up the scene is people getting firsthand experience with AI tools, sparking what some are dubbing as the 'AI Wars.' Every company is eager to join the race and sprint ahead as fast as possible. However, the new players are winning the race leaving behind the big names.

What Went Wrong?

Google introduced Gemini earlier this year, following the release of its AI tool named 'Bard' in 2023. However, things took an unexpected turn when its image generation feature produced some 'problematic' images. From cultural misinterpretations to historically inaccurate depictions, the results generated by the AI model sparked criticism among netizens. Eventually, Google ended up hitting the pause button on Gemini's text-to-image feature after folks on social media called out the biased images.

Pichai acknowledged the inaccuracies in the presentations, admitting that the tech giant 'got it wrong.' However, he pointed out that no AI model is flawless, particularly in this nascent stage of its development. He reportedly assured that the tech giant will conduct a thorough review of the situation.

The uproar in the empire

Turning a blind eye to AI is something that no industry can afford, regardless of its stature as a major player or an underdog. However, barriers are inevitable. In the case of Google, these barriers have hit them hard, as both netizens and industry insiders have begun to suggest that the company is in dire need of a change in management.

Helios Capital founder Samir Arora even said on X that Sundar Pichai should consider stepping down from his role as Google's CEO.

The recent uproar has even led to Google's stocks tumbling. Only time will tell whether Sundar Pichai would be able to regain confidence in AI wars.

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