Fluid Analytics Secures $1.6 Million In Pre-Series A Funding

Fluid Analytics is a cleantech start-up deploying data analytics for solving urban water pollution.
Asim R. Bhalerao, Founder, Fluid Analytics
Asim R. Bhalerao, Founder, Fluid AnalyticsMattias Nutt

Fluid Analytics has initiated its Pre-Series A funding round, securing $1.6 million with Pravega Ventures leading the investment, supported by an angel investor, the company said in a release. The company plans to continue raising funds as it progresses through this initial series, it further added.   

Fluid Analytics is a cleantech start-up deploying data analytics for solving urban water pollution. It was founded by Nidhi Jain, and Asim R. Bhalerao, who serves as the company’s CEO.  

The company will utilise this capital infusion in scaling up its operations globally by deploying solutions with positive environmental and public health impact, starting with a focus on North America. 

“Given the escalating stress on water systems worldwide due to climate change and population growth, Fluid Analytics offers a distinctive strategy to bolster cities' water resilience,” said Mukul Singhal, co-founder, and partner at Pravega. “Their technology, poised at the intersection of sustainability and scalability, aligns with our strategic investment goals.”   

The company was started with a focus on Southeast Asia, where approximately 80 percent of wastewater is discharged untreated, into the environment. The USEPA also estimates 3-10B gallons of sanitary sewer overflows everyday across US cities, due to aging pipeline infrastructure in urgent need to repair and rehabilitation. 

The company has monitored over 400+ million gallons (1.5 billion liters) of urban wastewater spills and enabled the treatment and reuse of 200+ million gallons (800 million liters) daily, it claims.   

Pravega Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, specialises in offering seed and pre-Series A funding. Its investment portfolio features companies such as Crofarm (now Otipy), Fyle, SalarySe, Cashinvoice, and GrayQuest, among others. 

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