Delhi HC Rules In Favour Of Akasa, Says DGCA Can Act Against Rogue Pilots

Delhi High Court gave DGCA the green light to act against the pilots after it had said that it lacked the authority to do so
An Akasa Air flight in Mumbai
An Akasa Air flight in Mumbai

The Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of Akasa Air on 27 September. The Court has directed the aviation ombudsman Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to be able to act against pilots that have not complied with civil aviation requirements.

The court further held that there will be no restrictions on the DGCA to act against such pilots, according to ET.

The order comes days after the DGCA had informed the Delhi HC that it lacks the authority to act on Akasa's rogue pilots and to muddle in the employment agreements of pilots and airlines.

The newly formed budget airlines had earlier moved the HC after 43 of its pilots resigned and none of them were willing to serve their notice periods.

According to the employment agreement signed between the airline and its pilots, a resigning pilot is required to serve a six-month notice period.

The resignations forced the carrier to cancel many of its flights between the period of July and September, causing major inconveniences to travelling passengers.

Akasa Airlines saw the exodus of 43 pilots
Akasa Airlines saw the exodus of 43 pilots

The Bombay High Court decided earlier today that Akasa Air may move on in Mumbai with its lawsuit seeking contractual damages from pilots who purportedly left the airline without giving notice. Originally, Akasa Air had filed a complaint with the High Court asking for Rs 21 crore in damages from six pilots who allegedly left the airline without giving the company the necessary notice.                                                                                            

However, the pilots raised the issue of jurisdiction and asserted in court that because they do not reside in Mumbai, the lawsuit cannot be brought there.

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