Credit Suisse Unveils 2023 Supertrends Report; Technology, Climate Change And Infra Identified

Focussed on long-term and multi-year societal trends, Credit Suisse’s 2023 Supertrends have added a new sub-theme
Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse

Global investment bank Credit Suisse has unveiled the 2023 Supertrends report. At a time when the world economy is dealing with an economic downturn and learning from a challenging 2022, Credit Suisse’s Supertrends have been released to provide important insights to investors.

Focussed on long-term and multi-year societal trends, Credit Suisse’s 2023 Supertrends have added a new sub-theme. Under the ‘Climate’ Supertrend, the global investment bank has added ‘Metals of the Future’ and also some topical areas like chatbots and luxury demand in Asia-Pacific region.

Here are the Supertrends 2023, as identified by Credit Suisse.

  • Anxious Societies: The evolving and difficult geo-political backdrop has made personal security a concern for many. Hence, several associated problems need public-private solutions with companies playing an important role. 
  • Infrastructure: Exposed to multi-year spending bills, primarily related to the governments, this Supertrend’s exposure is seen a lot when countries try to upgrade their infrastructure. 
  • Technology: The rapid digitalisation and business transformation using IT tools are continuing at a rapid pace, now with the use of AI.
  • Silver Economy: The strong growth in aging of societies may lead to challenges that will call for the innovative solutions in healthcare, insurance etc. 
  • Millennials’ Views: As per the official release, “The rise of Generation Y and Z and their core values are influencing companies as well as governments.”
  • Climate Change    

During the launch Burkhard Varnholt, Global chief investment officer, Credit Suisse, said: “While the Supertrends could not escape the downtrend in financial markets in 2022, we retain our overall conviction across the Supertrends and their subthemes. We believe the Supertrends continue to offer value in terms of diversification and growth opportunities by focusing on themes that transcend business cycles and will ultimately shape the future.”

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