Cipla Partners With CSIR-CDRI To Develop Formulation For Fungal Keratitis

Cipla collaborates with CSIR-CDRI to create a breakthrough ophthalmic solution for fungal keratitis, aiming to address the global challenge affecting 1.2 million people annually.

Drug major Cipla on Thursday said it has tied up with CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute to jointly develop a novel ophthalmic formulation for fungal keratitis.

The collaboration aims to leverage the combined expertise and resources of both organisations to develop a safe and efficacious drug for fungal keratitis, the Mumbai-based drug maker said in a statement.

Globally, around 1.2 million cases of fungal keratitis are reported every year with tropical countries recording a higher incidence.

Fungal keratitis often occurs following ocular trauma and exposure to fungal pathogens from organic matter, thus putting agricultural workers at greater risk.

Other risk factors include the use of local steroid eye drops, injury, poor personal hygiene and regular contact lens wear.

Left untreated, the condition can result in corneal destruction, leading to a profound loss of vision.

CSIR-CDRI has developed a prototype formulation for an anti-fungal drug to optimise its delivery in the eye.

In pre-clinical studies, this formulation supports faster resolution of the infection. Cipla will scale up the product, conduct the required studies and seek regulatory approvals for commercialisation, ensuring accessibility for those in need, according to the statement.

"Our research focuses on finding innovative, cost-effective solutions for India's unmet clinical needs. CDRI scientists have developed a unique ophthalmic formulation of the anti-fungal drug," CSIR-CDRI Director Radha Rangarajan said.

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