Bootstrapped JoinDevOps Surpasses $215,000 In Revenue

JoinDevOps is dedicated to upskilling students, offering courses in Telugu to cater to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets.
Siva Kumar Reddy, Founder of JoinDevOps
Siva Kumar Reddy, Founder of JoinDevOps

JoinDevOps, a bootstrapped company which provides upskilling education said it has generated revenue of $215,000. The company said that it has achieved this milestone in just six months of its inception in November 2023.  

JoinDevOps is dedicated to upskilling students, offering courses in Telugu to cater to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets, as well as in English for the national market. 

Established by information technology engineer Siva Kumar Reddy Mettukuru, the company endeavors to transform the approach to career advancement in the DevOps sector for individuals aged 21-34 by prioritising training in local languages. JoinDevOps claimed it has empowered over 4500 students in DevOps and Cloud Engineering through Telugu language instruction, facilitating the placement of more than 3700 students in renowned companies including Tech Mahindra, DBS, HCL, and LTI Mindtree, among others.   

It addresses the need of freshers who seek entry into DevOps and of the professionals eyeing job transitions or career shifts, the company added in the statement.     

In line with its commitment to regional language teaching, JoinDevOps will initially cater to Telugu and English speaking students and gradually expand its language offerings to include other regional and foreign languages, the company said. The platform's vision is to provide DevOps and Cloud Engineering education in at least 15 regional languages worldwide, including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Spanish, German, Filipino, and English, among others. 

“We are a regionally focused upskilling and technical education platform that provides DevOps training and enablement through teaching in local languages. The potential to tap into the regional markets of India is huge. With millions of students requiring technical education and regional support across India, we believe we can successfully penetrate and solve this. With our proven capability of upskilling 4,500 students during the pilot phase, we believe it is the right time to officially launch the brand. We plan to penetrate the market locally and address the skill gap at a hyper-local level. We aim to upskill at least 15,000 students and launch courses in 7 Indian languages and two other foreign languages like Spanish and Filipino in FY 2025," said Siva Kumar Reddy Mettukuru, Founder of JoinDevOps.

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