Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Takes Responsibility For Alaska Airlines Incident, Says Report

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun took responsibility for Alaska Airlines incident, vowing to ensure complete transparency during the recovery process

Dave Calhoun, the Chief Executive of Boeing, assumed accountability for the recent perilous incident involving Alaska Airlines. He pledged to prioritize 'complete transparency' as the company works to overcome and recover from this latest crisis.

In a safety meeting following Friday's emergency landing prompted by a mid-flight panel blowout, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun stated, 'We're going to approach this by first acknowledging our mistake.' He emphasized the commitment to maintaining complete transparency throughout the entire process, with a dedicated focus on addressing the incident, as per a report by AFP.

Taking over as Boeing's CEO in January 2020 amid the fallout from two fatal crashes involving the 737 MAX, Calhoun committed to partnering with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is currently investigating the recent incident.

The debate over inspections arises following reports from both United Airlines and Alaska Airlines on Monday, revealing the discovery of loose hardware in preliminary inspections of their Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft conducted since the incident last Friday. Numerous flights have been canceled as a consequence of the grounding of a segment of the MAX fleet.

The recent crisis has intensified the challenges for Boeing, which has encountered ongoing difficulties since the previous MAX crashes resulted in a prolonged grounding of the aircraft. The company has faced challenges in its supply chain and quality control since the resumption of MAX operations, leading to production constraints and adverse effects on its financial performance, as per the report.

The stock value of the company has witnessed a decline exceeding nine percent since the incident on Friday.

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