AWS to invest "Billions" in Italian Data Centers, Eyes Cloud Expansion in Europe

AWS plans to invest heavily in Italian data centers, boosting cloud infrastructure and services across Europe

Amazon's cloud arm, AWS, is reportedly in discussions with Italy to invest "billions" in data centers operating in the country. This move is part of AWS's plan to boost its cloud offerings across Europe. 

According to a report by Reuters, both the parties are involved in active discussions to finalise the scale and location of the investment. One of the sources cited in the report also mentioned that AWS might choose to expand its existing facility in Milan or altogether establish a new one.

In 2020, AWS launched its first-ever cloud region in Italy, as a part of its 2 billion euros investment by 2029. AWS's Italian clients include luxury car manufacturer Ferrari and insurance company Assicurazioni Generali.

Recently, the cloud giant also announced a massive investment of 15.7 billion euros for data centers in Spain's northeastern Aragon region. 

While AWS's investment in Italy is projected to be in billions, it might not match the magnitude of its plans for Spain. It is worth noting that there has been no immediate announcement regarding this investment, as of yet. 

In Germany, AWS is aiming to invest 7.8 billion euros by 2040. It is also building infrastructure to cater to the rising resource demand of providing cloud services to telecom clients.

Last year, AWS disclosed its plans to store data on servers situated within the European Union for data privacy protection of governmental entities and customers operating in heavily regulated sectors.

According to analysts and industry executives, several major corporate clients have resumed investing in cloud computing after a temporary pause last year. This resurgence in spending is attributed to a growing interest in artificial intelligence, which is resuming growth within the $270 billion cloud infrastructure market.

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