Amazon India Workers Face High Pressure and Low Pay: UNI Global Union Survey

As per the report, only 21.3 per cent of drivers and warehouse employees think it's safe to work at Amazon.

Amazon workers in India face intense pressure and unsafe conditions, as per a recent survey. The workers also struggle due to insufficient pay. 

The survey has been done by UNI Global Union in collaboration with the Amazon India Workers Association (AIWA). This is claimed to be one of the first surveys to examine the working conditions of Amazon employees in India. Responses were drawn from 1,838 participants. 

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, said, “Indian workers face a troubling reality that mirrors the experiences of Amazon employees worldwide.” Hoffman added, “It’s clear that for conditions to improve at Amazon in India and beyond, workers need strong unions.” 

The report comes after Amazon faced scrutiny over alleged labor law breaches amid heatwave conditions. A Newslaundry report highlighted the condition of Amazon’s warehouse in Haryana’s Manesar. 

Workers were asked to take oaths to not take breaks until their targets were completed, according to the report. Speaking to the Newslaundry, an employee alleged, “I take an oath that the targets set for us for the remaining two hours of the day will be achieved without taking any breaks for water and washroom.” 

Following this, the government has pulled up the tech giant for labor law violations. The National Human Rights Commission also issued notice to the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment and asked for a report on the same. 

Some of the key findings of the report include insufficient breaks, safety issues, injuries, and extreme pressure. 

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Workers have also mentioned that they didn’t get any assistance from Amazon after workplace injuries. According to four out of five warehouse employees, it is difficult or extremely difficult to meet the goals set by Amazon. Just 21.3 per cent of drivers and warehouse employees think it's safe to work at Amazon. Additionally, a fifth of the delivery drivers surveyed said they had suffered an injury at work. 

Meanwhile, Amazon has refuted these claims. A company spokesperson said, “These claims are factually incorrect, unsubstantiated, and contradict what our employees tell us directly. The data being quoted appears at best questionable, and at worst deliberately designed to deliver on a specific narrative that certain groups are trying to claim as fact."

It was further added, "By contrast, in our most recent internal survey at our Manesar fulfilment centre —conducted randomly and anonymously— 87 per cent of our workforce said they were satisfied with their jobs, with as many as eight out of 10 recommending Amazon as a great place to work. The reality is, there’s nothing more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of our employees and associates, and we comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Our facilities are industry-leading and provide competitive pay, comfortable working conditions, and specially designed infrastructure to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all.”

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