Amazon Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Labor Law Breaches Amid Heatwave Conditions: Report 

Amazon workers have been reportedly asked to take oaths to not take bathroom breaks until their targets are completed. 

Amidst the ongoing heatwave, Amazon is under scrutiny for violating labor laws. A report by News Laundry highlights how the already hard work of Amazon workers has become extremely tough with the ongoing heatwaves. 

Speaking to NewsLaundry, a worker from Manesar’s warehouse told NewsLaundry that walking in the heat has made the process much worse, causing her to sometimes get blisters on her feet due to the mandate to wear socks, which becomes very uncomfortable when they sweat. She added that some of her colleagues have faced even worse consequences, including dizziness, fainting, and high blood pressure. 

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India’s national capital has been grappling with heatwaves. While putting Delhi on'red  alert’, the IMD has cautioned individuals about sun exposure and highlighted that there is a “very high likelihood of developing heat illness and heat stroke in all ages.” 

Amidst the ongoing scenario, Amazon workers have been reportedly asked to take oaths to not take bathroom breaks until their target is completed. As per the report, the worker stated that this incident occurred at approximately 4:30 pm on May 16, following a manager's reprimand of the stow workers for bad performance. Subsequently, the worker claimed that a manager instructed all workers to raise their hands and recite the following oath. 

The worker further added that they had no option but to take the oath as the manager was going on a round with a mic to ensure that no one took such breaks. The worker asked, “How will we achieve targets when our health is getting affected?” 

Meanwhile, Amazon India told NewsLaundry that they were investigating the allegations that were raised by the workers. However, the company insisted that they would “never make these kinds of requests on our employees as part of standard business practice." 

Manesar has around 2,000 workers who work in shifts. Other workers who spoke to NewsLaundry also highlighted that they stand for at least ten hours every day and are scolded if they sit. As per the report, a worker said, “I have become a slave to this company. We have so many rights. But who listens to us?” 

To add to it, as per the report in the US, customer fulfillment and operations workers earn $820 (Rs 68,513) for a 40-hour week. In India, Amazon fulfillment workers make about $30.18 (Rs. 2,522) per week. This is despite the workers in India working 50 hours, which is 10 hours more than in the US. 

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