AirAsia CEO Gets Massage During Virtual Work Meet, Draws Internet's Ire

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes informed of attending the meeting shirtless via a LinkedIn post
Tony Fernandes was seen receiving a message while on a work meeting.
Tony Fernandes was seen receiving a message while on a work meeting.Tony Fernandes @ LinkedIn

AirAsia's CEO Tony Fernandes has drawn internet's flak after posting a picture of him sitting shirt less in a virtual work meeting. Fernandes wrote "Got to love Indonesia and AirAsia culture that I Can have a massage and do a management meeting," to top it off. Fernandes said that he was having a stressful day at work and needed a massage.

Some users seemed particularly disturbed of the low cost airline's CEO's act, while others mocked at the nature of the post and found it amusing. The post, which was put on the platform by Fernandes on 16 October has received many reactions up until now.

A user named Rebecca Nadilo commented on Fernandes' LinkedIn post saying, "I don't think the women in your company would feel comfortable or safe in this context, and given you're the boss, they likely won't challenge you or say anything. Please for their sake, listen to the comments you've deleted on this post. You are clearly a smart leader that cares about culture but this isn't the way to create a supportive, safe one."

“A grown man, who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company, conducts a management meeting with his shirt off as he gets a massage. Remove ‘who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company’ and it is still inappropriate,” said another user.

Many others said that the post and several comments on the post lacked professionalism.

Another user by the handle name John Lai said, "Yea, maybe this isn't the best way to show off work culture? Don't think you are giving the intended impression you hoped it would."

A number of commenters also accused Tony of deleting their comments on the matter.

Capital A Berhad, which operates as AirAsia is a budget airline which is headquartered in Malaysia and has operations in 25 countries.

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