Adani Group to Spend $9 Billion in its Green Hydrogen Business

Adani New Industries Ltd. plans to achieve a capacity of 1 mtpa of green hydrogen in its first phase of green hydrogen production
Adani Group to Spend $9 Billion in its Green Hydrogen Business

Adani Group is reportedly planning to invest $9 billion in manufacturing and transportation infrastructure in the first phase of its green hydrogen venture. The move aligns with India's promise to reduce its emissions to net-zero by 2070.

Adani New Industries Ltd., a division of the Adani conglomerate, is developing green hydrogen projects in Gujarat's Rann of Kutch, according to a report by Mint.

As soon as the production process starts, Adani group will hire specialized ships to export green hydrogen to Europe and some Asian countries. "This is the most decisive entry into green hydrogen being planned by any group in the country," as per sources cited in the report. Along will this, Adani New Industries Ltd., will likely create 7,500-10,000 new jobs externally, particularly in the logistics sector.

There will be four-five different phases involved in the project, as per another source cited in the report. In the first phase, the plan is to achieve a capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of green hydrogen.

Around $4 billion is set to be invested in manufacturing components and equipment required to operate the plants, stacks and balance of plant (BoP) in the process of production. The group aims is to develop 1/2 mtpa in the coming two-three years before moving to 1 mtpa.

“Transportation of green hydrogen is an elaborate task that needs a separate focus," informed a source. The Adani group plans to use its ports on the west coast of India to transport green hydrogen to European and Asian countries.

He added, "The end users of green hydrogen will mostly be government and municipal entities." It will mainly be used in operating buses, trains and metro.

The move will help in fulfilling the government's mission to replace 40 per cent of hydrogen consumption in the country to green hydrogen by 2030.

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