Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a company event
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a company eventGetty Images

Meta To Launch Broadcast Channels To Facebook And Messenger after WhatsApp

Meta's broadcast channels feature closely resembles the channels feature of messaging app Telegram

Meta is introducing its 'broadcast channels' function, to Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The move comes after the company launched the service, which is similar to Telegram's channels, on Instagram and WhatsApp in early 2023.

The functionality is coming to the two platforms in the upcoming weeks, according to a statement from Meta that came out on 18 October.

With the help of this function, public figures and creators can communicate with their followers directly. Text, photos, polls, reactions, and more are supported via channels. Viewers can respond to messages and cast their votes in polls, but only the channel's creator can post messages on channels.

The channels can be used by public figures and creators to update their fans and give behind-the-scenes information. The company's officials, including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have started using broadcast channels to provide information about new features and products.

The ability for Facebook Pages to build broadcast channels is presently being tested by Meta, and the company anticipates launching it soon. If the option is offered, Facebook Page administrators can launch a channel directly from their Page. They can put their name on the waitlist if it isn't yet available to them.

They will receive a one-time prompt asking their followers if they want to join after they have established a broadcast channel and shared their first message. Users can subscribe to broadcast channels straight from a Page's profile on Facebook, at which point they will get notified whenever a message is sent. You can, of course, choose to silence these alerts while staying in the channel.

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