India Budget: Have India's Flagship Schemes Truly Triumphed Over the Past Decade?

After ambitious promises of Make in India, Ayushman Bharat, and Jan Aushadhi Kendras, India's budget reflects a journey marked by both successes and challenges
Government Initiatives
Government Initiatives

Remember a decade ago when India buzzed with ambitious dreams? Make in India promised workshops humming, Ayushman Bharat whispered of healthcare for all, and Jan Aushadhi Kendras painted a picture of affordable medicines at every corner. Fast forward, and we find ourselves at a crossroads, the dust settling on those dreams, revealing both triumphs and stumbles.

Let's take Make in India first. Sure, factories hum in some sectors, the mobile phone revolution is real, and foreign investors seem to like the sunshine. But the skill gap is a thorn in everyone's side, red tape tangles even the nimblest feet, and dependence on imported parts keeps the dream from truly soaring. The path ahead? Building bridges, not walls, with skill development, smoother regulations, and a helping hand for homegrown heroes.

Ayushman Bharat, the healthcare champion, has brought millions under its wing, hospitals see more bustling corridors, and preventive care whispers its magic spell. Yet, whispers of inconsistency in rural care and worries about hidden costs linger. To truly heal the nation, Ayushman Bharat needs a stronger stethoscope – one that listens to remote villages, diagnoses affordability issues, and prescribes a dose of quality for all.

Jan Aushadhi Kendras have effectively lowered medication prices, making generic drugs more accessible. These affordable alternatives, once confined to textbooks, are now widely available. Despite these positive changes, challenges persist. Some shelves lack stock, and concerns about medication quality persist. Moreover, not everyone is aware of how to access these cost-effective options. The Kendras need a more robust solution – increased medication variety, educational efforts to address concerns, and widespread promotion of their locations.

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