Google Unveils 'About This Image' Feature To Verify Online Image Origins

Google Search introduces 'About this image' feature for English users worldwide, enhancing image understanding and countering online misinformation.

Google Search is introducing a new feature known as 'About this image' to assist users in verifying the origins of images they encounter online. This feature, initially introduced earlier this year, is now being progressively made available to a broader user base.

Google's announcement reveals that this feature is being extended to English language users worldwide. Google has incorporated three approaches to enhance image understanding and counter misinformation online. These approaches include the introduction of 'About this image' to trace image history, the utilization of Fact Check Explorer for fact-check assessments, and the incorporation of AI-generated source descriptions to provide source information in the Search Generative Experience.

Here is a quick description of them-

About this image

This feature allows users to trace the history and origin of an image, providing valuable context and information about its source, including when and where it was published. This helps users evaluate the credibility and relevance of the image.

Fact Check Explorer

This tool helps users verify the accuracy of information related to the image, ensuring that they have access to reliable and verified content. It provides journalists and fact-checkers with an advanced way to access detailed information about both images and topics. By using claim review markup to detect and present fact checks, it allows users to find assessments conducted by independent organizations globally.

AI-generated source descriptions

Google is integrating AI-generated source descriptions into the Search Generative Experience. These descriptions provide additional information about the source of the image, helping users understand its context and potentially uncover any biases or inaccuracies. 

The AI-generated source descriptions will be found in the 'more about this page' section under 'About this result' for specific sources.

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