8 Things To Do If Elderly Travellers Lose Their Passports Abroad

Outlook Money

Stay Calm

Stay calm and assess the situation; retrace your steps and check your belongings.

Assessing The situation with a sound mind

Report Loss

Inform the local authorities or your embassy and provide details like travel tickets, itinerary, and other necessary documents.

Report the missing passport

Make Copies of Documents

Make photocopies of key documents like the passport, identification cards, visas, travel insurance, etc., to ensure quick replacement.

Make copies of your passport & important documents

Stay Safe

While waiting for a replacement passport, avoid sharing personal information, stay in safe places, and keep your belongings secure.


Contact Insurance Providers

Check travel insurance coverage for lost passports or emergency expenses, as some policies may assist with additional costs.

Travel Insurance

Follow Up

Stay updated; ask the embassy regarding your passport replacement request and other assistance.

follow up on the process

Emergency Certificate

Report passport loss to the Indian mission and the local police station to get an emergency certificate for exiting the country.

Indian Mission Abroad

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