7 Places To Visit In Puri For Elderly Travellers

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Jagannath Temple:

One of the most revered Hindu temples in India, the Jagannath Temple is a must-visit for elderly travellers in Puri.

Puri Beach:

Known for its golden sands and picturesque sunsets, Puri Beach is a haven for elderly travellers seeking tranquillity and relaxation.

Konark Sun Temple:

Elderly travellers can explore the temple complex, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, at their own pace and marvel at the artistic brilliance of the past.

Chilika Lake:

Located around 50 kilometres from Puri, Chilika Lake is Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon and a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Raghurajpur Art Village:

Situated around 14 kms from Puri, Raghurajpur is a traditional artisan village renowned for its Pattachitra paintings and Gotipua dance performances.

Sudarshan Crafts Museum:

Elderly travellers can admire exquisite handloom textiles, intricate stone carvings, and delicate silver filigree work showcased in the museum.

Daya River Cruise:

For a leisurely excursion, elderly travellers can embark on a scenic cruise along the Daya River, located near Puri.

Compiled By Manas Malhotra