5 Changes That Can Boost Senior Care

Outlook Money

Tax Exemption On Annuity Income

Seniors depend on annuity income for their needs; govt can provide tax exemptions on such income for their financial security.

Free Health Check-Up

Healthcare is crucial in old age, but many seniors can’t afford it; govt can provide it for free in private and state-run hospitals.

Making Home Affordable

Buying a home can be challenging for seniors. Facilities like revolving credit, loan refinancing, lower interest rates, etc., will help.

Travel Concessions

Concessions on train and air tickets will make their travel affordable, allowing them to move around and break the monotony of life.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Power is used in almost everything, from air conditioners and televisions to mobile and laptop charging. It is a huge part of their monthly budget.

Compiled By Manas Malhotra