8 Points To Ensure You Never Run Out Of Money After Retirement

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Invest Regularly

Start investing early in your career to help you build a larger corpus.


Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Avoid unnecessary expenses to ensure your retirement corpus remains well funded.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Repay Debts On Time

Delaying debt repayments can cause interest to compound and increase your repayment obligation. 

Pay Up The Debts On Time

Take A Health Insurance Cover

With adequate health insurance coverage, you can easily meet the medical expenses without disturbing your retirement corpus.

Health Insurance

Plan Your Taxes Well

Efficient tax planning can help you save money after retirement.

Plan Your Taxes

Beware Of Inflation

Inflation depletes the value of money, so plan your investments accordingly for a robust retirement corpus.


Review Your Budget

Review your budget and spending and make necessary changes to save money.


Emergency Fund

Set up an emergency fund separately to meet unplanned expenses.

Compiled by Avijit Gupta

Emergency Fund