CBDT Launches AIS Real-Time Feedback Monitor

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What is AIS?

Annual Information Statement (AIS) is an extensive perspective on data for a citizen shown in Structure 26AS.

New monitoring features

CBDT introduced a new feature in AIS allowing taxpayers to provide feedback on displayed transactions. This feedback helps verify information accuracy, automatically notifying sources of any discrepancies for confirmation.

AIS feedback

The system allows taxpayers to submit feedback on all visible transactions. Feedback allows taxpayers to maintain the accuracy of information supplied by the source.

Benefits to Taxpayers

This new functionality is expected to increase transparency by displaying such information in AIS to the taxpayer

Submitting Feedback

Step 1: Click on the Optional button in the Feedback column for relevant information to be directed to the Add Feedback screen.

Step 2 : Choose the relevant feedback option and enter the feedback details (dependent on feedback option).

Step 3: Click Submit to submit the feedback.

Compiled By Manas Malhotra