7 Experiences To Have In Greece For Senior Travellers

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Explore Athens’ Cultural Heritage

When in Greece, start your adventure in Athens. Visit the Acropolis Museum and Plaka’s streets to see the cultural heritage mixed with local life.

local life

Cruise The Islands

Discover multiple destinations cruising your way. Relax on deck, sightseeing the cliffside villages and watching the mesmerizing sunset on Santorini Island or Crete, known for its vibrant markets.


Explore Mediterranean Flavours

Savour the authentic flavours of traditional dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, seafood, and local wine at family-run taverns.

Mediterranean Flavours

Rejuvenate In Thermal Springs

Visit hot sprint destinations such as Edipsos, Aidipsos, or Loutraki for a soothing bath and pamper yourself with specialised treatments or wellness programmes.

Thermal Springs

Visit Ancient Sites

Wander the ancient sites like Delphi, which is considered the centre of the world, Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games, and Epidaurus, the theatre known for its acoustics.

Ancient Sites

Experience Local Festivals

Enjoy the local festivals, music, dance, and other traditions from the Athens Epidaurus Festival for ancient and contemporary performances and Rethymno Renaissance Festival to immerse in Greek culture.

Local Festivals

Visit Monasteries, Churches, And Countryside Villages

Seniors can rent a car to visit the monasteries and the Byzantine churches to find spiritual tranquility or the picturesque villages and towns like Nafplio, Monemvasia, Arachova, or Zagori to experience the charm.

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