Things You Could Lose For Delaying Retirement Savings

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Compounding Interest

investing early helps build a strong retirement fund, as the longer you stay in the market, the more time you will get to earn compounding interest and increase the corpus.

Starting At 25

If you start at 25, you will have 35 years to build the corpus fund. So, if you invest Rs 10,000 monthly, with a 10% annual return and compounding, the corpus will grow to Rs 3.83 crore at 60.

Starting At 30 (5-Year Delay):

If you start at 30 and apply the same criteria, the total investments will be Rs 36 lakh, while the total corpus with compounding interest will be Rs 2.28 crore.

Starting At 35 (10-Year Delay)

If you start at 35, the total investments will be Rs 30 lakh, and the total corpus at retirement will be Rs 1.34 crore.

Starting At 40 (15-Year Delay)

If you start at 40, you will have 20 years to build the fund before retirement; you will have invested Rs 24 lakh and the total corpus at 60 will be Rs 76.57 lakh.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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