Things To Know About Succession and Legal Heir Certificates

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Succession Certificate

A competent court issues a succession certificate to confirm an individual as the rightful successor to a deceased person. 

Legal Heir Certificate

A legal heir certificate is a document issued by government authorities to identify the rightful heir/s of a deceased person, providing details such as their names, relationships, and shares.

Legal Heir


A succession certificate is required for inheriting immovable or movable property under property laws in India.


A legal heir certificate is issued by the district Tahsildar to identify the living heirs whereas a succession certificate is issued by courts.

Who issues these certificates?


To obtain a succession certificate, one requires a death certificate, but for a legal heir certificate, one requires an identity card, ration card, and family members’ names on a stamp paper affidavit, in addition to a death certificate.



The succession certificate is crucial for property transfer, debt payment, or security collection on behalf of a deceased person. On the other hand, the legal heir certificate is used for gratuity, pension, insurance, provident fund, and retirement claims.

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