Things To Know About Parkinson's Disease

Versha Jain

Hard To Detect

Parkinson’s disease develops slowly, so one may not notice its progression in the early phase.

Difficult to recognise


It may happen due to a head injury, a sedentary lifestyle, exposure to pesticides, improper diet, etc., but its exact cause is yet to be known.

lack of Balanced Diet

Affects Nervous System

The disease affects the nervous system; the nerves start losing control over the body parts.

compromised nervous system


The symptoms include tremors, slow movement of muscles or stiffness, changes in speech, etc.

Tremors and slow movements

Controllable, Not Curable

As per the WHO report, there is no cure for the disease yet, but there are ways to keep it from worsening. 

controllable onle

Symptoms Management

Lifestyle changes, engaging in physical activities, and eating nutritious food can help fight the disease.

Compiled By Himani Verma

Symptoms management through measures

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