Things To Consider For Elderly Travellers In Dubai

Outlook Money


Pack lightweight, breathable clothing to stay cool and comfortable. 

Packing essentials for


Many hotels and resorts in the city offer rooms equipped with grab bars, walk-in showers, and other amenities catering to elderly guests.



Dubai Metro has reserved seats for seniors and people with disabilities.

Financial safety net

Medical Facilities

Dubai is home to world-class medical facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology and skilled medical professionals. 

Health Cover

Cultural And Etiquette

Modest attire is recommended, particularly when visiting religious sites or public spaces. 

Places To Visit

From the iconic Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain to the historic Al Fahidi Fort and bustling souks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Dietary Considerations

Elderly travellers should inform restaurant staff of any dietary restrictions or food allergies to ensure a pleasant dining experience. 

Staying hydrated to avoid fatigue

Safety And Vigilance

While Dubai is generally considered safe for tourists, elderly travellers need to remain vigilant and exercise caution, particularly in crowded areas and tourist hotspots.

Compiled By Himani Verma


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